When Water Damage Disaster Should Be Considered An Emergency

Water damage can often feel like an emergency. Having your house damaged can be stressful and might cause you to panic, but that doesn’t immediately make it an emergency. However, water damage emergencies happen, especially in areas that could flood quickly, such as North Myrtle Beach. There are many types of water damage disasters to look out for that are very likely to cause a water damage emergency.

Emergency Water Damage North Myrtle BeachFlooding

Flooding is highly destructive as it can be harsh on the structure of a house. Flooding causes extreme amounts of water to enter a building and reach many unseen places that may escape notice. It also takes a long time to clean up and dry a building after a flood and can take weeks to accomplish ultimately. Water damage is incredibly destructive and gets more dangerous the longer it isn’t taken care of. It can cause large amounts of damage in just days. Due to this, flooding can easily cause drywall to collapse and the structure of your building to become very unstable. This can be very dangerous and destroy a building, which is considered a water damage emergency. Since North Myrtle Beach is more prone to flooding than an average location, it’s more critical to watch for water damage emergencies.

Water Leaks

Pipes can burst or leak inside walls which is an issue as it may cause the water leakage not to be caught for long periods, allowing the water to do great deals of damage before showing signs. As addressed earlier, the longer water damage is left untreated, the higher the chance of causing extreme issues such as drywall collapse. If this issue occurs, you should call a water damage expert once you start seeing physical signs of water damage. When you visit the physical signs of water damage inside your walls, you may have a water damage emergency.

Sewage Backup

Sewage backup is another disaster considered a water damage emergency. It can occur in any building with restrooms. Sewage is dangerous as it’s a giant biohazard. It is infested with bacteria and can make people extremely sick if they come into contact with it. It requires immediate cleanup and a professional water damage team to inspect and clean anything that has come into contact with the sewage.


Mold can spread far within just a week. Like sewage, mold can be a very dangerous biohazard and can make people ill. Even without contact, mold spores can travel through the air and cause respiratory issues. Mold is a serious issue around large bodies of water such as North Myrtle Beach, as it’s very humid and mold thrives there. If your home has a mold infestation from water damage, you might be experiencing a water damage emergency. Contact a team of professionals if mold is found in your building to ensure it isn’t severe.

A water damage disaster is considered an emergency when it can cause immediate harm to a person or building that must be taken care of immediately. Water damage emergencies are usually not extreme emergencies but must be handled with extreme caution and care so it doesn’t end up causing additional damage to the property and someone’s health. If you are unsure if you are experiencing a water damage emergency, you should contact a water damage expert such as Duraclean Myrtle Beach just to be safe.