Water Damage Risks In Myrtle Beach And How To Prepare

Myrtle Beach is a popular coastal resort town in South Carolina that is famous for its stunning miles of beach and neon lights of the tourist district. But despite its popularity and famous tourist attractions, Myrtle Beach still faces a number of water damage risks such as floods, hurricanes, and heavy rainfall. Understanding these risks and knowing how to prepare can help homeowners protect their properties and ensure safety for themselves and their loved ones. 

water damaged wall with bucket and sponge on floor

Water Damage Restoration in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This blog explores the specific water damage risks in Myrtle Beach and how to prepare for them.

Coastal Flooding and Hurricanes

One of the most significant water intrusion risks in Myrtle Beach is coastal flooding, frequently caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. These storms can bring heavy rains, storm surges, and strong winds, resulting in high levels of flooding that bring water into a property. The hurricane season, which runs from June through November, is an ever-present threat. Homeowners who live in this area should make sure to have a comprehensive emergency plan for hurricanes and coastal flooding that includes evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers, and a disaster supply kit. It is also extremely important to install storm shutters and reinforce entry points like doors and windows to mitigate the damage caused by storms.

Heavy Rainfall and Flash Flooding

The heavy rainfalls are sometimes accompanied by flash flooding, especially in low-lying areas that are poorly drained. Without warning, flash floods can result in water pooling. This could lead to eventual property damage. Homeowners should make sure that the property has the appropriate drainage system to handle the amount of water during heavy rains. For properties with gutters and downspouts, it would be helpful to make sure that they are kept clean and maintained to prevent water from pooling around the foundation. The landscaping around a property can also be used to divert the flood waters from the home to reduce the risk of flash flooding. Having a sump pump installed in basements or crawl spaces can also help deal with more excess water during heavy rains.

High Humidity and Mold Growth

The humid subtropical climate of Myrtle Beach is prime for mold growth, which can be caused by even minor incidents of water damage. Not only can mold destroy personal property, but it can also cause health issues, so it is essential for homeowners to prepare for humidity and potential mold by investing in dehumidifiers to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels. Homeowners should regularly inspect areas prone to moisture, including basements, bathrooms, and attics, to find and address any potential mold problems. It is also very important for homeowners to ensure optimal ventilation to prevent mold growth, as well as quickly repair leaks in plumbing or roofs.

Rising Sea Levels and Long-Term Risks

The rising sea levels caused by climate change present a long-term risk to areas such as Myrtle Beach. Over time, rising sea levels can increase the frequency and severity of flood risk, especially during high tides and storms. Homeowners should monitor the local projections for sea-level rise and consider the long-term impacts of flooding with mitigation strategies. Elevating homes can reduce the risk of flooding damages. Choosing to use construction materials that are resistant to water brings further advantages. Enhancing the collective community defenses to improve coastal defenses and sustainability is another way to mitigate the impacts of sea-level rise. Monitoring and engaging in local governmental initiatives, along with collective community planning, can also enhance resilience.

Water damage risks in Myrtle Beach are diverse and can have devastating consequences for homeowners. Coastal flooding, hurricanes, heavy rainfall, high humidity, and rising sea levels all pose significant threats. However, with proactive preparation and preventive measures, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of water damage and protect their properties. Creating emergency plans, maintaining proper drainage, using dehumidifiers, and staying informed about long-term climate risks are essential steps. Do not hesitate to contact us today at Duraclean Myrtle Beach and let our team of professionals assist you in taking these precautions and addressing any water damage already suffered. As a resident of Myrtle Beach, you can enjoy the beautiful coastal environment as you let us ensure your home and family are safe from the severe effects of water damage.