Immediate Actions to Take Following a House Fire

Fire damage is frequently accompanied by smoke and water damage, and it can lead to other serious problems such as mold damage. Fire damage leaves a trail of destruction that, if not addressed quickly, can permanently destroy your home and appliances. Aside from the charred remains and burnt-down structures, smoke and soot contain acidic residue, which discolors plastic, fabric, metallic surfaces, painted surfaces, and wooden structures.

Affected items, surfaces, and clothing may appear yellow or black. Water from fire extinguishers, while useful in preventing further burns, also leaves a water damage trail. You must take immediate action to secure your home and belongings following fire damage. This article will go over what you must do.

Immediate Actions to Take Following a House Fire

It is your responsibility to safeguard property while also keeping yourself and your family safe. These actions will help you resolve the situation.

Call the fire department.

To put out the fire, call the Myrtle Beach Fire Department at (911) as soon as possible. If you do not take steps to mitigate damages, your insurance company may refuse to compensate you.

Fire damage can be traumatic, but if possible, call for help or have someone do it for you. Provide an accurate address as well as a phone number where they can reach you if they require additional assistance.

Evacuate the premises immediately.

Don’t think that just because there’s a fire in one room means you can hide in the other. Leave the house as soon as you call Myrtle Beach firefighters, and make sure everyone else does as well. The fire may set off the fire alarm, but not everyone will interpret it as an emergency and a call to evacuate. Aside from the risk of being burned in a raging fire, fire smoke emits toxic fumes that can cause serious health problems if inhaled. That smoke can also cause choking and poison you due to the carbon monoxide it contains.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, headaches, and death. If anyone inside the house is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, they may not survive. Figure out how to get everyone out.

Obtain a re-entry permit from the Myrtle Beach, SC, emergency department.

Following a fire, your home may no longer be safe for you or your family members. Falling objects, stepping on hot surfaces, and broken parts are among the hazards. You must first obtain a permit to re-enter the premises and assess the damage.

Most likely, the emergency inspection officer will leave a placard on the property indicating whether or not the property is safe for re-entry. Photograph the extent of the damage as well as the property before the damage. Document everything that has been destroyed because a professional may be unaware of the personal belongings destroyed in the fire.

Call the insurance company.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover fire damage. You might be able to get money for Myrtle Beach house fire damage. When disaster strikes, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If you do not own the property, seek assistance from the owner.

The insurance company must assess the damage and conduct its damage assessment before releasing any funds for restoration services.

Find professionals to assess the real extent of the damage.

You may need to find an independent assessor in addition to the insurance company’s assessment to conduct a thorough inspection and ensure that you do not incur additional costs in the event of an unforeseen fire or smoke damage. Fire destroys walls, wooden frames, the roof, air ducts, insulation, and anything else that can catch fire.

These items are not required to come into contact with fire. Because the heat from the raging fire is sufficient to cause damage to the surrounding areas, hiring a professional to assess the full extent of damage is critical when planning the recovery process. Your insurance company will require a detailed description of the damage as well as all costs associated with restoring the property and resuming normal life as soon as possible.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Myrtle Beach, SC

Once the extent of the damage has been determined, contact a fire damage restoration company to restore the property. The following are the components of any commercial or residential property’s fire restoration services:

Step 1: Debris removal

This entails the removal of all damaged items that cannot be salvaged.

Step 2: Smoke damage removal

Smoke can leave stains on surfaces and objects for a long time. To remove it, the Myrtle Beach restoration company employs specialized cleaning agents and scrubbers.

Step 3: Smoke odor removal on clothes and other materials

To remove smoke odors, porous materials must be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. Your Myrtle Beach fire restoration partner will help you remove smoke odor from damaged items.

Step 4: Water restoration services

Moisture is bad for your commercial or residential property. Professionals in Myrtle Beach water restoration use a dryer to remove any water and moisture from the house and other materials.

Step: 5: Mold removal services

Mold growth degrades indoor air quality and causes allergic reactions. A mold restoration-certified company can provide mold inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation services.

Step 6: Repair and restoration services

Finally, after the space has been cleaned and deemed safe for your family, your restoration partners will repaint the walls and surfaces, repair and replace damaged items, and dispose of those that cannot be repaired or replaced.

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