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Get Professional Help With Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can be disastrous. However, the best course of action in such a situation is to act quickly by obtaining the necessary assistance. A quick intervention by a fire damage restoration company or expert can make a significant difference in minimizing the damage.

Duraclean is a professional company that provides quality and affordable fire damage restoration services in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are experienced, licensed, and certified technicians. Our professionals respond to fire emergencies as soon as possible, and  we have advanced tools and equipment to provide quality restoration services.

Excellent Service From Our Trusted Team

Experienced & Knowledgeable

Our experienced fire damage experts know the best way to address your property’s fire damage.

Certified & Trained

As an IICRC Certified company, all our technicians are trained in proven fire damage restoration methods.

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We know how important good customer service is. We pride ourselves in our transparency and communication.

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It doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week it is. When you call us with an emergency, will we be there.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

As a full-service fire damage restoration company, Duraclean of Myrtle Beach performs every part of the fire damage cleanup and reconstruction process for you. We use proven techniques to address all of the different ways fires can damage a building. Some of the fire damage services we offer include:


We respond as quickly as possible to emergencies. We begin by determining the extent of the damage. Evaluation is required to create a plan that will successfully restore property after a fire.

Board Up And Tarping

Fire can cause holes in the windows and the roof. We board up the holes and cover the affected areas of your roof with tarps. This action will assist you in avoiding further property damage

Smoke And Soot Cleanup

Smoke and soot cause discoloration on the walls and other items in the house. Our restoration professionals will clean up the smoke and soot.

We use advanced techniques to ensure that the smoke damage is completely removed. It will also require cleaning your carpets to remove the smoke and soot particles that have accumulated between the fibers.

 Odor Removal

There are usually unpleasant odors left behind after a fire. To remove the odor of smoke, we use appropriate machines such as hydroxyl. We’ll begin by determining the source of the odor.

Water Damage Restoration

During the fire damage, pipes burst, causing leaks and flooding in your home, which can lead to mold growth. We begin by locating the source of the water damage.

We then extract the excess water and dry the area with equipment such as dehumidifiers. To reduce the risk of health problems, we also sanitize the area to eliminate bacteria and pathogens that could have contaminated the water.

Complete Restoration

Duraclean provides full remediation services, including minor and major repairs. Minor repairs may include replacing carpets, removing mold, painting the house, repairing any burst pipes, and replacing drywall. The reconstruction of specific damaged areas on your property is one of the major repairs.

Our Speedy Work Saves Your Property

Slow, drawn-out fire damage restoration isn’t just inconvenient; it’s can cause additional damage to your property. Even after a fire is extinguished, corrosive chemicals left behind by smoke and soot continue breaking down wood, metals, fabrics, and other materials on your property. If the damage is left unaddressed for some time while you wait for an unreliable contractor or try to figure out the repairs yourself, it can inadvertently turn into a more time-consuming and costly project.

Avoid the extra fire damage and hassle by putting your trust in Duraclean of Myrtle Beach. We pride ourselves on our quick response time and our reliable work. Our goal is to help you get your home, rental property, or commercial property in good shape again as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life. Give us a call if you need quick help.

3 Steps to Restoring & Cleaning Your Property

It’s not clean ’til it’s Duraclean! Eliminate the hassle of cleaning and restoring your home or business. Just give us a call and see how easy it is!

Step 1

Call now for immediate assistance.

Step 2

We'll clean and restore your property quickly and effectively.

Step 3

You can relax knowing your home is in the hands of professionals.

What to Do When Your Property is On Fire

When your home or business catches on fire, it is overwhelming, and it can be hard to know what to do. Here are the first steps the Duraclean fire experts recommend when you’re dealing with a fire:

Evacuate the building. All people and pets should immediately leave the building and move a safe distance away. Do not stop to grab items. Safety should be your main priority.

Call 911 and ask for them to send firefighters. If you left your phone in the burning building, ask a nearby neighbor or business to use their phone.

Listen to first responders. Firefighters and other first responders like police and EMTs will arrive. Follow any instructions they give you. They are specially trained to help you safely navigate this kind of situation.

Get medical attention. Make sure anyone who has been injured gets medical attention. Even if you feel fine, it’s still safest to get checked by a medical professional since adrenaline and shock can make it harder for you to accurately assess your own health.

Call Duraclean of Myrtle Beach. Call us, let us know what is going on, and we will send a team over. Once the fire is extinguished, our technicians will board up the structure to protect it from further damage, wild animals, and crime. After this, we will start restoring your property.


The duration of a restoration project always varies based on a number of factors including extent and severity of the damage as well as the size of the structure. In general, fire restoration can vary from a couple days to a couple months. Duraclean will visit the site to provide an accurate cost estimate and time frame.

Lingering residue will pose health hazards and affect the quality of air. Even if you don’t feel the fire damage is severe and there is no significant structural damage, it may not be safe to reside in until the restoration is complete. A licensed fire restoration professional can inspect the property and they can determine if it is safe for occupancy.

It is common for homeowners to think that fire damage was confined to one room—only to find out days later that the smell and the residue of smoke has spread throughout their entire home, even in areas where the flames did not spread. As smoke travels the residue can cling to soft surfaces such as curtains, bedding, and carpet. It can also spread to your roof and walls. This residue is actually unspent fuel and sets the foundation for a subsequent fire. To ensure that your home is entirely free of smoke residue, it’s important that you contact a professional remediation crew such as Duraclean rather than simply trying to identify all affected areas yourself.

If your home has major fire or smoke damage you need to follow these steps:

1. Relocate Your Family temporarily as soon as possible: Fire-damaged homes are often structurally unstable, so you should relocate your family until you know the extent of the damage. Due to lingering smoke residue, a subsequent fire could ignite, so it’s important that you get your family out of harm’s way.

2. File a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim: Submit a written notice to your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible.

3. Call Duraclean: Our team will help you secure the area and avoid subsequent fires. Wait a while, your insurer may dispute your claim due to smoke residue. We will evaluate the damage and give you an estimate for the cost of repairs. We can also help you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Fire and smoke cleanup can be a very complex project. Even if your home doesn’t have major structural damage, specific tools and techniques are necessary to remove smoke residue. If you make an oversight, a fire could possibly be started, and your insurance company may dispute your claim, arguing that your own negligence was a contributing factor.

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