How to Avoid Water Damage to Your Home

Flood damage is a commonly experienced problem among homeowners. The worst part is that they are problems that are expected to occur all year round. For instance, ice dams could form on top of your house during snowfall and cold temperatures, causing water damage. Other causes can be damaged pipes, clogged drains, natural disasters, structural damages, and more.

They lead to severe losses ranging from structural damages to spreading contaminations in the house. Repairs can take up to 3 months to complete, meaning long hotel stays and inconveniences. Usually, homeowners who have encountered water damage are more likely to experience another one.

Luckily, there are several ways to avoid its frustrations. Here is how to prevent water damage in your residential or commercial property throughout the year.

Always Unblock Your Gutters

Your gutters and downpipes are part of the drainage system. This means clogged gutters can block drainage leading to an accumulation of standing water. The water will eventually flow towards the roof and walls of your house, causing damage to the foundation.

Tree leaves are often the main culprits behind gutter and downpipe blockages. Other materials that can hinder your gutter from functioning include moss and weeds growth which make your gutter sug. For that reason, experts recommend using plastic gutters since they don’t sug even after blockages.

Install a Leak Detector

Even if you think your house is in immaculate condition, it’s important that you always keep a lookout for any signs of leaks. However, this can be challenging since minor leakages are hard to detect until they worsen.

Start by checking home appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines for any signs of leakages. Also, inspect the bottom of your sinks for signs of stray water.

Alternatively, you can install a water detection machine since being constantly on the lookout for minor leaks can be demanding. Water detection machines come with an in-built alarm that will go off anytime it detects moisture signs. Even better, this device can automatically shut off the main water supply after detecting leakages, saving you repair costs that water damage may cause.

Inspect Your Roof

Roofs are among the leading causes of water damage in houses. It may be due to poor workmanship, poor quality materials, missing shingles, or a faulty roof. Ensure you regularly inspect your roof inside out for any signs of leakages. And since roof repairs become costly when ignored, you might want to repair them the first time you notice a sign of leakage.

Look for Mold Growth

The moment you start seeing visible mold in your house, know there is a water leakage somewhere. Usually, mold signs appear in black, damp marks on walls. They also possess a musty smell, making your house interior uncomfortable to live in. The earlier you detect mold or mildew, the better since you have the chance to prevent further damage to your house.

Ensure Your Water Pipes don’t Freeze

Always ensure you monitor the temperature in your house’s pipes using a smart thermostat. Maintain a minimum of 10 degrees in the pipes to prevent freezing. You can do so by letting warm water circulating inside the pipes.

If you plan on being away for a longer time, turn off the water from the stopcock and drain the remaining water from the pipes.

Monitor Your Water Pressure

Usually, the recommended water pressure for homes ranges between 40-70 psi. If it exceeds the recommended levels, your pipes may fail, leading to water damaging your property. You can monitor the pressure using water gauges from the local hardware. Still, you can install a pressure regulator to help keep water pressure at recommended levels.

Ensure Your Sump Pump is Working Properly

Sump pumps are essential in basements where flooding is most common. Usually, they are more useful during prolonged spells of rain. They help solve dampness problems which could lead to water damage in the house. Always keep them maintained to perform optimally and reduce the risks of flooding.

What to Do in Case You Encounter Water Damages?

Reach out to Duraclean of Myrtle Beach, SC, in case of any water damage. Duraclean boasts experienced certified and professional technicians and has been offering water restoration services to homes and businesses in Myrtle, SC, for years. Besides water damage solutions, Duraclean offers a whole lot of other services that include:

  • Minimizing mold problems in your property: Water leaks can trigger mold contamination in your property which can have adverse effects on your health. For that reason, Duraclean focuses on offering the highest standard of mold removal services.
  • Carpet cleaning services: Duraclean starts with a preliminary inspection of your carpet before proceeding with stain removal to make sure the carpet is well-groomed to give a uniform appearance. Note that we can’t sign off on a flood cleanup project without doing a final inspection to ensure everything was done to your satisfaction.
  • Biohazard Cleaning services: This service involves getting rid of potential traces of pathogenic substances. These substances include tissues and bodily fluids from accidents, trauma, or crime.
  • Fire damage restorations: Fire can cause soot and smoke to spread in other areas of the house. For that reason, Duraclean’s certified professionals focus on restoring businesses and residents in Myrtle Beach, SC. Besides, they inspect properties to determine whether they need repairs or not.

Other services offered by Duraclean include dry vent cleaning, tile & group cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and sanitizing.

Why Use Duraclean Services

There are tons of advantages that you can get by contacting Duraclean restoration services. They include:

  • They help with insurance claims and processes from your insurance company
  • Their employees are professionally trained and are experienced
  • They focus on the safety and security of your loved ones and your property
  • They respond quickly to clients in need of water damage restoration
  • They use top-notch restoration tools and equipment for professional water extraction

Contact Us for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in Myrtle Beach, SC!

There are several ways flood waters can affect you and your property. Even the tiniest amount of water leakages pose a great threat as they can weaken your house’s structure over time. However, the above tips can help you avoid such hurdles for a happier life.

But in case you have any issue concerning water, fire or, mold problems, Duraclean Services are a phone call away from your home. Alternatively, you can reach our restoration professionals via email, phone call, or visit them physically. The firm is located at 131 Causey St. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, and they open from Monday to Friday 8 am-5 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. Contact us today at 843-865-2151!